Calaway Company produces various products, all of which are grown with the consumer in mind. We specialize in forages and feed grains, but production also includes various fruit and vegetable production.


Alfalfa Hay (also known as Lucerne) is considered to be a good source of protein and is a major feed ingredient for dairy cows.


Timothy Hay is used in feed rations as a high source of fibre. With our long hours of summer sunlight and cool nights, the timothy hay is typically sweeter and is preferred for its palatability.

Grass Straw

Grass straw is the remaining stem of the grass plant after it has been processed to harvest its seed. The remaining product is then baled up and is used in various feeding applications. Various varieties of grass straw are available. Varieties include Blue grass, fescue, orchard, klein, bermuda, sudan and rye.

Wheat Straw

Following wheat harvest the remaining wheat plant can be baled up. Wheat straw is typically used for bedding but can also be fed. The nutritional value is usually much lower than that of other products such as alfalfa, but wheat straw can be a valuable ingredient in a mixed ration.


Corn has served as a great rotational crop with our hay program. We are always looking for local opportunities to sell our corn as silage and earlage as well as dry corn. If you are interested in these products please contact us.


Increasing value to all of our customers is our business. Our company requirements for neatness and quality in all operational aspects sets us apart in the industry. Calaway Company Inc. specializes in forages and feed grains production, harvest and marketing. With over 25 years of experience, Calaway Company has gained the expertise to produce some of the finest products and provide superior service to its customers.

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